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TrustaBit uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to issue vouchers automatically when a passengers flight is canceled or delayed.

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Soft Cap

[$3 Million USD]

Hard Cap

[$49 Million USD]

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Token Utility

We are building an ecosystem where a user who has an expiring voucher can trade that voucher for TABs. TABs are a proprietary "currency" of sorts which be used in a similar way to an online gift card or voucher, except that it is more elastic and secure. The day the user receives a voucher is when it holds the most value in TABs. As the voucher ages it becomes less liquid.

We are fully aware that not all airlines offer transferable vouchers. Some rules state that the user you are transferring the voucher to has to be booked on the same flight as the original voucher holder or must have the same last name as the original voucher holder. Some airlines like Qantas have fully transferable vouchers. We intend to keep running ledger of all flight voucher rules that will be made visible to our community of users.

After 2011, most of the major airlines changed their policy so that vouchers were no longer transferable. Vouchers are historically susceptible to security risks including internal and external fraud. Through the implementation of blockchain technology, TrustaBit will allow major airlines to track issued vouchers so that a secure chain of transfer can be generated which will provide the encrypted details needed to track the senders and recipients of funds.

Token Allocation

Distribution of Funds

Our roadmap

OUR team

Saritta Hines

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Holding over 13 years of experience in data analytics, Saritta Hines is a trusted leader at bridging strategic business initiatives with expert IT implementation. Saritta has successfully spearheaded projects in the tech world for industry leaders including Cymer, Allergan, Bank of Montreal, Novartis and Dow Agrosciences. Her expertise brings technical innovation and business teams together to transform the customer experience. Saritta is at the forefront of improving operational efficiency and testing new use cases through the use of blockchain technology. As the head of TrustaBit, Saritta has established a key utility for businesses to streamline the delivery of products and services to customers through smart contracts.

Blair White

Founder / Chief Sales Officer

Blair White has successfully strategized introducing new products and services into the marketplace. Blair has ranked in the top 10% in the sales divisions of AT&T, Verizon, and Apple, to name a few. During her tenure at Apple, Blair was key in acquiring one of the highest retail sales in Apple retail history. A 2016 Verizon Winner’s Circle recipient, Blair was recognized for being among the top 10% of Verizon sales employees maintaining above a 160% sales to quota. Leading the sales efforts for TrustaBit, Blair will identify and customize solutions to minimize industry pain points while delivering the best ROI through blockchain technology.

Woody Means

Chief Technology Officer

Woody is an accomplished Sr. Software Architect at Cymer where he has developed machine learning algorithms for Cymer EUV droplet generator. He has a mathematical, creative and organize mindset that drives him to find innovative solutions to complex problems. With over 15 years in software engineering he has extensive experience in developing applications in C, C++, Java, JavaScript and Python. Woody is well-suited to oversee all technical aspects of TrustaBit and to attain our company’s strategic goals.

Jaymes Hines

Chief Marketing Officer

A veteran multimedia producer, content creator, community & content strategist, event producer, and social entrepreneur. Jaymes extends the networks for Education, Athletes, Fans Engagement and identifies intersections of opportunity for prospective partnerships and super early-stage investments. Recently, Jaymes was co-founder for Athlete powered startup, Athletes Playbook.
He is a Silicon Valley area-based startup executive and advisor for VR/ AR, Sportstech and Edtech startups and producer of hackathons challenge events. During dot-com days, Jaymes established one of the earliest Los Angeles based web design studio, MBA Interactive – Designed and launched online and offline interactive multimedia web experiences for films, sports, museums, HBO, Cannes Market, and advisor for AFI Digital Television Initiative.

Kelvin Ndereba

Blockchain Developer

Kelvin Ndereba Ngendo is a self motivated full stack blockchain developer venturing in Ethereum and Bitcoin platforms. Born in Kenya, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology(B Sc IT) at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya. In the course of his career, he has developed several Dapps, Desktop Applications, websites, and Smart Contracts in Ethereum. He also works perfectly with NodeJs, SQL, web3js, IoT, MongoDb, Meteorjs and Expressjs. He also has perfect knowledge in ICOs, ERC20 tokens, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies, and FinTech. He has written several white papers, research papers, blog articles , and press releases for fintech startups and cryptos.

Sheletha Drew

Senior Corporate Tax Analyst

Sheletha Drew is a Senior Corporate Tax Analyst and has been a Georgia licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for 15 years. She started her career with KPMG working in the domestic income tax group. She specializes in U.S. domestic income taxation and has served large U.S. corporate taxpayers in various industries including Banking, Manufacturing, Casino Gaming to name a few. Her experience entails federal and state income tax compliance for U.S. corporate and pass-thru entities. She is a blockchain technology enthusiast and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the technology sector meet their U.S. income tax reporting requirements.

Samuel Dare

Lead Hyperledger Developer

Samuel is a Solution Architect with over 10 years of experience delivering end-to-end enterprise solutions across Blockchain, Data Science and Marketing Automation. Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer , Ethereum
Data Science: Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Marketing Automation /CRM: Salesforce Marketing Cloud ,

JaMarr Johnson

Director of Marketing

JaMarr John Johnson is a former Marine, Naval Officer and Systems Engineer with 20 years of sales, marketing and leadership experience. Communication of ideas effectively, while enlisting his audiences engagement have been a key to his success. JaMarr connects various networks through his philanthropic work and desire to be a go-giver in modern business. After enlisting in Marines JaMarr was selected to a Military Officers program where he transitioned into the Navy and proceeded to complete a prestigious 14 years of service.
Currently JaMarr serves on the board of a non-profit called The Dream Builders project where they help raise money and give 100% away to over 80 charities dealing with hunger, homelessness, human trafficking, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence and education. When JaMarr isn’t working on enhancing his non-profit partners funding, messaging and reach, he can be found consulting them on the latest technical advancements of his main consulting partner, a digital payment processor and advance analytics platform helping non-profits increase fundraising by 274% with lower fees. Technology, passion and impact run through his veins and through his dynamic ability to educate, connect and remain humble he will be a great asset to our team.

Landon Williams

UX/UI Designer

Landon runs a successful dynamic internet solutions company that offers a comprehensive approach to internet marketing, website design, brand management, and SEO services. At Easyboyweb they are committed to understanding their client’s objectives and goals, and developing the necessary strategies and tools to achieve them. From start to finish, their services are tailored to the needs of their client

Hakar Sulaiman

Creative Design Engineer

Since 2011, Hakar has been an aspiring creative design engineer. With 13 years of education in the field Hakar will be responsible for creating visual concepts that communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate our customers.

Our Advisors

Mahroze J. Baloch

Corporate Transactional Attorney

An accomplished, solution-oriented, and diligent corporate attorney and business partner with over eight (8) years of diversified experience leading and managing junior associates, paralegals, outside counsel and support staff. Strong experience drafting and negotiating a wide variety of general and complex commercial contracts, licensing agreements, mergers & acquisitions transactions, and asset purchase agreements. Effectively interacts with senior management and executives to identify and resolve strategic direction on corporate initiatives including financing, information technology, and production. Instrumental in directing compliance with state and federal regulations. Strong communication skills and adept at working independently and collaboratively to build productive relationships across all organizational segments. Licensed to practice in the State of California and the District of Columbia
Areas of Expertise: Contract Drafting & Negotiations | Client Relationship Management | Licensing Agreements | Corporate Governance | Litigation and Investigations | Commercial Enterprise/Software Technology Contracts | Corporate Law | Settlement Negotiations | Commercial/Employment law | E-Commerce Initiatives | Outside Counsel Management | Human Resources Law/Workers Compensation Law | Transactional Law | Regulatory Compliance | Strategic Legal Counsel | Risk Management | Business Advisory/Solutions | Legal Research/Writing

Casey Gardiner

Cofounder at DigiWallet

As a founding member of DigiWallet Casey brings more than 20 years of programming experience with a number of computer programming languages ( C/C++/C#, PHP with mySQL, HTML, CSS, LUA, Java, Ruby ( on rails ), and Python ). Strong knowledge of OOP concepts, XML schemas, debugging complex problems, abstract data structures/algorithms, and source control applications.

Nelson Petracek

CTO at TIBCO Software Inc.

As CTO of TIBCO Software, Nelson Petracek brings close to 20 years of experience to his customers. A strong technology evangelist, Nelson specializes in the areas of messaging, microservices, hybrid integration, event-driven architectures, and event processing. Able to bridge the gap between business and IT, Nelson works with his customers to identify and define the appropriate use of various technologies and architectures. Prior to TIBCO, Nelson acted as a senior director within Informatica Corporation’s Enterprise Technologies group, and has held consulting roles with a number of companies across various verticals – delivering solutions for the next stage of digital business.
Specialties: Hybrid integration, microservices, Fast Data, SOA, ESB, Complex Event Processing (CEP), streaming analytics, messaging, and related technologies.


Is there a limit per user?

No limit, tokens are sold on a first come first sold basis

Who can participate in the token sale?

Anyone except residents of Singapore and China

Which exchanges will the TrustaBits be listed under and when will they be listed?

The TrustaBit tokens will be available on the major exchanges which we will announce at a later date

When will I receive my tokens?

You will receive your tokens 14 days after the Main ICO ends.

Is there a min and max cap?

Yes the min cap is $3 Million USD and the max cap is $49 Million USD


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